Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123 with English Subtitle watch free of cost

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123 but first you read preview sultan abdul hamid122 Tahsin Pasha says that Hechler’s body was totally scorched and columnists began to pose inquiries about it In Payitaht Abdulhamid Scene 123. Ruler Abdulhamid makes a move to keep this circumstance from transforming into an emergency. Bidar King orders a lady working in the castle to follow Fatma. One of the assistants discloses to Tahsin Pasha about the killed agent’s pack and Tahsin Pasha promptly begins looking for that sack. Karasu converses with Talat indeed and attempts to convince him. Russian, English and Austrian emissaries go to the royal residence and blame Hunkar for murdering Hechler. Ruler Abdulhamid denies this wrongdoing. The English emissary makes a proposal to Hunkar to forestall war. Ruler Abdulhamid says he will think about this offer and sends the agents from the castle. King Abdulhamid and Pashas contemplate why Ismail Pasha double-crossed him. Hunkar Abdulhamid starts to imagine that Hechler isn’t dead. Mika plans to execute Abdulhamid utilizing a bomb. Ministers and Ahmed Pasha go to the burial service of the Hechler. Hechler converses with artisan Pasha in a mystery part of the congregation and plots how they will hurt Abdulhamid. Hunkar Abdulhamid sees that Hechler’s financial balances actually have cash and understands that the English don’t realize that Hechler is alive.

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123,Esref Aziz goes to Vahap and explores where Artin is ,In Payitaht Abdulhamid Scene 123 . Vahap deceives Esref and meets with Artin subtly. Soghutlu and the operators follow Esref, however Esref stops them. While Abdulhamid is working in the carpentry workshop, Ahmed Pasha shows up and discusses why an individual can deceive. Ismail Pasha covertly goes to Yahya’s bistro and converses with Esref Aziz. Ismail Pasha says that somebody is attempting to blame him and approaches Esref Aziz for help.In Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123,Esref Aziz says that the man on the train was executed by harming. While Fatma is seeing her dad’s effects, she can’t discover the knife and goes to Ahmed’s room. The specialist comes and tells that there is a spice in Fatma’s room. Bidar King believes that Fatma needs to harm Hunkar. In the interim, Ahmed Pasha goes to his room and contends with Fatma.

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123,Tatavlali goes to the place of Yahya and says that Esref Aziz was following the vehicles,In Payitaht Abdulhamid Scene 123. Yahya cautions Tatavlali and sends him from his home. Ruler Abdulhamid, Pashas, and represetatives go to the extraordinary corridor. Hechler’s child begins playing the violin in the extraordinary lobby. Abdulhamid tunes in to Hechler’s child and praises him. Hunkar Abdulhamid begins conversing with Hechler’s child and reveals to him that his dad is dead. Abdulhamid says Hechler has given up a lot of riches and goes to another space to converse with William. Bidar nods off while perusing a book. Fatma goes into her stay with the blade in her grasp and attempts to murder her. Bidar King awakens and understands that she was having bad dreams. Ahmed and Fatma talk in the outbuilding.

Watch Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123

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Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123
Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 123,As per this new arrangement, Ismail Pasha will go to the royal residence and hijack William,In Payitaht Abdulhamid Scene 123,. The man gives Ismail an arrangement that clarifies bit by bit how Ismail would hijack William. Esref Aziz and the operators go to Zakaryan’s office and ask where Artin is. Zakaryan says he knows nothing and compromises Esref. Ismail Pasha utilizes a mystery passage to enter the castle and capture William. Ahmed Pasha goes into William’s room and sees that there is no one there. Ismail advises the real factors to William and discloses to him why he hijacked him. Ahmed Pasha follows the strides and finds the mystery burrow. Ahmed follows Ismail yet can’t get him. Ahmed Pasha reveals to King Abdulhamid that Ismail seized William. Bidar turns out to be progressively dubious of Fatma.

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