The Great Seljuk Episode 6 with Urdu and English Subtitle

The Great Seljuk Episode 6

The The Great Seljuk Episode 6 ,But first you read overview ,At the point when Tapar sees Sanjar’s face, he recalls that he was the saint who spared his dad and raises his blade to slaughter him,In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Scene 6 . Melik Shah comes and safeguards Sanjar,Just as Tapar is going to murder Sanjar. Terken Ruler takes her infant child in her arms and asks the specialists for what good reason her infant isn’t crying. The specialist says the infant is dead, however Terken Ruler doesn’t acknowledge it. Sanjar tells about what the Fatimids did and the mystery association to Melik Shah. Sanjar says that he should remain in this mystery association for some time and requests the relics.

In The Great Seljuk Episode 6, The injured trooper recollects Hassan who just went to the Seljuk castle and considers him a double crosser before he blacked out. Melik Shah would not like to permit the relics to be removed yet tunes in to Nizam al Mulk’s arrangement. Melik Shah consents to give the relics and puts all obligation regarding this arrangement to Sanjar. As Sanjar is going to set off, Melik Shah strolls and cuts a bolt on Sanjar’s shoulder. Hassan Sabbah makes a move to execute the harmed fighter who shows up at the castle at the earliest opportunity. Hassan Sabbah sneaks into the injured warrior’s room and gags him to death. Sanjar meets with Behram in the woodland with the consecrated relics he got.

In The Great Seljuk Episode 6, The head of the Fatimids couldn’t care less about his dead troopers since he intends to utilize the fighters who have quite recently shown up at the Byzantine palace. Hassan Sabbah plans for the relics to be shipped subtly. The fighters that Tajul Mulk shipped off the mishap zone look for quite a long time and discover the will that Terken Ruler lost, however then Elcin shows up. Elcin murders the troopers and recovers her will. Elcin understands the reality of the circumstance and makes a move to spare her sibling at the earliest opportunity. After Sanjar blacks out at the commercial center, Turna protects and fixes him. Sanjar discloses to Turna that he works for the state. The Great Seljuk Episode 6 The head of the Fatimids calls the researcher who contended with Ghazali and murders him for losing the contention. Melik Shah goes to the castle and returns to his triumph plans. Melik Shah hinders arrangements for the Anatolian assault to move against the Fatimids and calls Hassan Sabbah to discover the backstabber among them. Abul Qasim and Hassan talk about the most recent circumstance in Anatolia. Qasim approaches Hassan for help in wedding the King’s girl.The Great Seljuk Episode 6 Terken Ruler discovers that the ones who went to look for the will was executed and understands that Elcin did it. Melik Shah calls Hassan and asks him what he was doing in Kuvel Mansion. Hassan understands that Melik Shah is furious and reveals to him the fighters who came to Kuvel, which he gained from the head of the Fatimids.

In The Great Seljuk Episode 6, Sanjar at long last escapes the large box and attempts to sort out where he is. Hassan Sabbah says that Byzantine officers and blades can’t go to Kuvel. Attas comprehends and values Hassan’s choice. Hassan determines what he found out about Ghazali and how hazardous he is. The head of the Fatimids understands that Ghazali is unmistakably more hazardous than he might suspect and needs to slaughter him at the earliest opportunity. The Great Seljuk Episode 6,Behram reveals to Dai that he speculates Sanjar. The head of the Fatimids tunes in to Behram and needs to put Sanjar to an extreme test. In the interim, Sanjar attempts to discover out of the Fatimids’ mystery building.

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The Great Seljuk Episode 6
The Great Seljuk Episode 6


The Great Seljuk Episode 6 , Sanjar finds the waterline behind the divider and furtively communicates something specific from that point. Andreas’ agent says he needs to make a fellowship agreement and Byzantium will consistently uphold Ilteber. Ilteber asks her girl Turna’s feeling. In spite of the fact that Ilteber is associated with the Seljuks, he says that there is no damage in settling on a kinship concurrence with Byzantium and consents to the arrangement brought by the represetative. The Great Seljuk Episode 6 Turna goes to a mystery spot to meet Sanjar and starts to sit tight for him. Behram calls Sanjar and gives him a bow to slaughter Ghazali. Sanjar says he will murder Ghazali and sets off with the two men. During the supper, Emir Qasim says that his warriors will consistently uphold Melik Shah and he needs to get more grounded to build up solidarity in Anatolia.


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