Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124 With English Subtitle Free of Cost

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124, but first you read about 123 The gathering of three needs Esref Aziz to bite the dust and gives Vahap an assignment for it,In Payitaht Abdulhamid Scene 124. Then, Uncle shows up and arranges the Armenians to avoid Esref. who sold out the state, and wishes there would be a saint among them to manage this work, Mahmud Pasha says that the time has come to discover Pasha. Bidar Ruler thinks Fatma King is attempting to harm Hunkar and gets irate. Hunkar Abdulhamid calls Bidar and Fatma. The test shows that sherbet isn’t harmful. Bidar King apologized to Fatma in line with Ruler Abdulhamid.

In Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124,Ahmed Pasha says he isn’t an Artisan and that Tahsin Pasha ought to be embarrassed about the inquiries he is posing. After what Mahmud Pasha stated, Tahsin Pasha chooses to scrutinise the Pashas individually and goes to Ahmed’s room. Tahsin Pasha discloses to Ahmed that he should be cautious or he will execute him. Fatma King acknowledges Bidder’s expression of remorse. Yet, Bidar King keeps on believing that she is correct and says that Fatima is a traitor . Fatima is extremely furious with her sister. Tahsin Pasha visits Tevfik and asks him a similar inquiry. Tevfik says he isn’t a double crosser. Somebody sneaks into Ruler Abdulhamid’s room, yet Hunkar shoots this man. Fatima Ruler understands that Bidder apologised for lying and reveals to her that she is in a miserable state. Tahsin Pasha at that point goes to Selim’s home and starts conversing with him. Selim Pasha discloses to Tahsin that he isn’t a double crosser. Fatima says she knows Aliye’s mystery plan and asks her sister for what good reason she needs something like this. Aliye really says that her dad Murat should be King and needs more adornments. Ruler Abdulhamid removes the troopers from the room.

In Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124, Mika needs to put Leon at the top of the laborers’ association and consequently furtively calls him to the originates from Ruler Abdulhamid’s declaration of a check in time in Thessaloniki As Isaac Fernandez gets amped up for the huge hotel they will build up, . Karasu understands that he can’t escape Payitaht. Sabahaddin and Talat examine how to assemble individuals in the nation. The Place of Three talks about the need to choose Leon in the vote. Va hap objects to this. Soghutlu and different operators devise an arrangement to uncover the Armenian group’s mystery business and start to follow the funeral wagon vehicles. Ismail Hakki Bey goes to the royal residence and mentions to Hunker what he saw in the city of Payitaht.

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Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124
Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124, King Abdulhamid understands that somebody has changed the slugs. Tahsin Pasha figures Ahmed may have shot the assistant. Fatma goes to Abdulkhadir’s room and starts conversing with him. Fatma tells that she is overpowered by the weight of Bidar and that she subtly needs to escape the royal residence and get some outside air. Shehzade Abdulkhadir tunes in to Fatma and draws her a guide indicating the passages under the royal residence. While Bidar is getting ready to go out with Fatma the following day, Fatma says that she is wiped out and remains at the royal residence. That is the reason Bidar remains in the royal residence, however Fatma escapes the castle furtively.

Sultan Abdul Hamid episode 124, Vahap says Leon will assume control over the laborers’ association. Esref Aziz and the government operatives discover the man they are searching for. Tonyan discloses to Esref Aziz pretty much the entirety of their mystery works. Esref Aziz realizes where Tonyan got orders and quickly makes a move. Hechler goes to the castle and requests that Hunkar Abdulhamid lift the check in time in Thessaloniki, yet Hunkar cannot. Hechler says he will lift this boycott and leaves the royal residence. Tahsin Pasha brings the re-arranged reports about the projectiles to Hunkar Abdulhamid, and it is uncovered that somebody has subtly changed the reports previously.

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