Kurulus Osman Episode 32 With Urdu And English Subtitle Season 2 Episode 5 Free Of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 32

Kurulus Osman Episode 32,But first you read review of episode 31.In Kurulus Osman Scene 31, Savci Bey plans for his dad’s task and converses with his better half Lena before he leaves. Ertugrul Bey emerges from his tent and holds a service for the individuals who will go on the job. Ertugrul Bey discloses to Savci Bey that he needs to figure out how to stop Geyhatu and gives him the Kayi banner. Osman Bey advises his sibling Savci to be cautious and embraces him. After Savci Bey leaves the plain, Boran comes and reveals to Osman that the ponies are prepared for the excursion. Osman Bey takes a few Alps with him and decides to go from the plain stealthily. Bala Hatun comes to Osman Bey and advises him to be cautious. Osman Bey follows Savci and his Alps as they go to converse with Geyhatu. Dundar Bey goes to the Byzantine palace to converse with Nikola. Dundar Bey says that Nikola is accomplishing risky work and needs to discuss the economic accord. Nikola inquires as to why Ertugrul wasn’t coming and says he realizes that Geyhatu is coming.

In Kurulus Osman Scene 31, While Osman Bey attempts to follow his sibling, Savci sees him and stops Osman. Savci Bey asks his sibling what he is doing. Osman Bey tells his sibling that he is coming to help and requests that authorization go with him. Savci Bey says that Ertugrul Bey doesn’t permit this and attempts to stop Osman. Osman Bey says he caused everything himself and needed to fix all the issues. Savci Bey says he would not like to contend with his dad, Ertugrul, and contradicts Osman by and by. Osman Bey advises that he needs to advise the real factors to Geyhatu and that he won’t return to the plain. Kurulus Osman Episode 32 before,Dundar Bey reprimands Nikola for what occurred in Sogut, however Nikola mentions to him what Savci did. Nikola says that he doesn’t confide in the Turks on account of what Osman did. Dundar says he has an arrangement for harmony, however Nikola requests reprisal. Savci Bey requests that his troopers capture Osman. After what Dundar stated, Nikola consents to the arrangement. Osman stops the officers attempting to capture him and by and by says he needs to converse with Geyhatu. Savci Bey says that Ertugrul Bey needs to secure Osman. Osman discovers that Geyhatu thinks he is the individual who abducted Monke. While the two siblings contend, Ertugrul Bey shows up and stops them.

Kurulus Osman Episode 32 before,In Kurulus Osman Scene 31, Dundar Bey says that Nikola has spies all over the place. Osman Bey says they shouldn’t confide in Nikola. Dundar Bey says that Osman is correct and keeps on tuning in to Osman. Osman says they should push Nikola much more when he is in a troublesome circumstance. Ertugrul Bey advises Osman to be cautious and starts to eat. Savci Bey tells that Monke is alive. Geyhatu doesn’t trust Savci Bey. Savci Bey says that the individuals who hijacked Monke needed to slaughter Geyhatu. Geyhatu begins to tune in to Savci significantly more cautiously. Savci says Osman isn’t liable and requests that Geyhatu take three days to bring Monke. Savci Bey cautions Geyhatu and says that this was done to conceal a seat battle between the Mongols. Geyhatu tunes in to Savci Bey and allows him three days. Savci takes the Alps and returns. There is a collapse a mystery place in the woodland. In this cavern, Bamsi lives from everybody. Bamsi peruses and plans for quite a while in this cavern. Bamsi currently understands that the time has come to make his fantasies materialize, and he leaves the cavern. Lena and Gonca make medication day and night for the plague pandemic and mend individuals. Lena sees Flatyos and leaves the congregation where they treat the patients. Flatyos follows Lena, however Lena gets him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 32 With Urdu And English Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Episode 32

Kurulus Osman Episode 32
Kurulus Osman Episode 32

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