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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125 , But you read review King Abdulhamid poses inquiries about the weapons that came to Payitaht and attempts to demonstrate that Ahmed Pasha isn’t blameworthy. Afterward, Ruler Abdulhamid says that there is as yet a check in time in Thessaloniki and that this is the reason the bricklayers will assemble in Payitaht. Karasu and Isaac understand that they need to stand by before they can hold another gathering. Karasu says that Ismail Pasha is in a troublesome circumstance yet can’t support him. Zakaryan and Tatavlali discover that Esref Aziz abducted Leon. Soghutlu and the covert operatives start to address Leon and ask him for what reason he came to Payitaht. Esref Aziz gets data from Yahya about Leon and understands that the Armenians are arranging about the work association. Fatma gets furious with Aliye for what she did. Aliye accepts that Hunkar Abdulhamid executed her dad. Fatma comes clean with that has not been uncovered at this point and attempts to quiet Aliye down. Bidar King inquires as to why Fatma went into her room and blows up with her. Fatma says she isn’t liable, and Aliye protects her sister. Bidar Ruler accuses Fatma. King Abdulhamid calls Selim Pasha and indeed asks what occurred on the Thessaloniki train. Esref Aziz questions Leon and gets data from him about the Armenian arrangement.

Ahmed Pasha realizes that no one in the palace trusts him,Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125. Sultan Abdulhamid and Ismail Pasha meet secretly. Ismail Pasha wants Ahmed Pasha to be arrested, but Sultan Abdulhamid does not want to do anything without being sure about this issue. Hunkar Abdulhamid secretly devises a plan and tells Ismail Pasha what he has to do. Fatma receives a message and realizes that the doctor wants to meet her again, but Bidar Sultan gets a copy of the message. Esref Aziz realizes that Leon will arrange boxing matches and bet on these matches. Soghutlu explains that the workers from the factory will bet on these boxing matches and this will affect the working condition of the factory. Hunkar Abdulhamid once again warns Bidar of her accusations against Fatma. Ahmed Pasha thinks why Hunkar doesn’t care about him despite all he has done and regrets this. Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125 , Tahsin Pasha realizes that Sultan Abdulhamid is not eating and talks to him about it. Ismail Pasha goes out to buy newspapers, but someone argues with him because he is a mason. Ismail Pasha cannot take the man’s words any longer and shoots him. Zakaryan goes to Esref Aziz’s place and wants Leon back. Esref says that Nadir must attend boxing matches to give Leon. Mahmud Pasha hurries to Ahmed’s room and says that Ismail shot a journalist in front of everyone.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125 Watch

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125
Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125

Ruler Abdulhamid peruses the news and attempts to locate the concealed message,Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125. Karasu and Isaac begin to stand by enthusiastically for their new gathering. Ruler Abdulhamid gathers the man Ismail shot in the city to the royal residence, and incidentally, the man was not dead. Everything is in Hunkar Abdulhamid’s arrangement from the earliest starting point. Ismail Pasha and spy Manyas talk about the gathering of the bricklayers. Manyas says they unraveled the mystery message distributed in the paper. Ismail Pasha goes to the royal residence to carry this message to Hunkar. Ruler Abdulhamid orders Selim Pasha to take a force of warriors with him and capture every one of the individuals who go to the artisans’ gathering. Ismail Pasha goes to the royal residence, however King Abdulhamid has just perceived the mystery message. King Abdulhamid says that he will make a strike on the mystery meeting of the artisans in the night and capture everybody. Mahmud Pasha discloses to Hunkar Abdulhamid that Ismail Pasha was seen around the royal residence, and Ahmed Pasha went out to get him. Hunkar sends Tahsin Pasha to stop Ahmed. Bidar Ruler gives the Italian reports found in Fatma’s space to King Abdulhamid. Abdulhamid says the reports are phony and understands that Bidar took them from Fatma’s room.

WATCH Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 125 Free Of Cost//HD 1080

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