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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 in witch, Through the exchange of covering, Kayis bring in cash. Simon sees all the episodes covertly and searches for a player time to go. Ertugrul Bey is welcomed by Candar Bey in his plain and offers about carpets . Hacaturyan needs to accomplish something for Ertugrul. Ural Bey considers the kayi clan. In the interim, current realities of the passing of Toktamis is revealed by Aliyar. Cavdar and Kayi consolidate to work at the shop of the mat however this is entirely agreeable for Simon. Candar Bey gives his child work to Aliyar. Simon intends to utilize the annoyance of the Turgut Snow capped mountain against Ertugrul. In any case, Halime, Gunduz, and Aslihan are caught by desperados. Simon comes to think about this attack and attempts to utilize this assault for his motivation. Simon takes Amanda in the plain. Amanda says to Alisar Bey about the scoundrels.Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 in witch, Ertugrul Bey chooses to exchange to help his family and his clan. For this, he exchanges with Owner Simon. Candar Bey comes to realize that the Kayi clan has reached. Ertugrul satisfies the obligation of King Alaaddin and salvages the Ruler’s courier. The aide Toktamis of Candar Bey kicks the bucket and this was an extraordinary stun for him. Ural’s dad upsets him because of his unjustifiable exchange the market.

Then, the past Ertugrul Bey’s foes of sanctuary knights are disturbed. Aslihan likes Ertugrul. Simon sends a letter that is harmed to Ertugrul with the assistance of Turgut. After the passing, Dundar Bey goes to deliver retribution of Ertugrul. This news makes everybody upset except Ertugrul is alive.Candar Bey chooses to get hitched Aslihan and Ertugrul. Ertugrul Bey rejected this proposition. While Sadettin Kopek makes new issues. By utilizing Karakoncolos, Ural got the gold mine. Ertugrul Bey spares the life of Hacaturyan and now the market is in the possession of Muslims.

Ertugrul and the Alps are accused for making war. Sadettin Kopek likes Aslihan when he is the visitor of Candar bey. Bamsi loves a lady who is Christian. Ertugrul with his Alps saves the girl of Tekfur. Tekfur likes Ertugrul and companionship start. Sadettin kopek says to candar about his resemblance. Colpan slaughters Aybuke. Tekfur is executed by Vasilius and sends his troopers to get Ural Bey.

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3
Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

At the point when Ertugrul knows this, he sends Samsa, Kutluca, and Turgut to murder the Byzantine leaders. The Alps satisfy their assignment. Dundar Bey loves Gunyeli and talks about it to Halime King. Helena ensures the Alps in the ch√Ęteau.

Aliyar Bey gets injury profoundly. Bugay and Batuhan passed on and they knew the area where Aslihan kept. Vasilius attempts to discover Asilhan yet Ertugrul Bey runs quicker than him. Ertugrul Bey’s Alps discover Aslihan. Teo with his men executes a few Turks.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 in witch, Somebody harms Ruler Alaaddin in the Kayi plain. Ibn Arabi offers medication to him. Sadettin kopek denounces Ertugrul. Ruler recuperates soon and shows his character. Vasilius proceeds to execute Ruler. Be that as it may, Ertugrul Bey intends to spare Ruler. Ertugrul bey devastates the arrangement of Vasilius and executes him. Sadettin and Ertugrul meet Ares in the mansion. Ertugrul talks about the exchanges, assessment, and officers in the palace.

Ekaterina sends his message to the Sovereign and gets an answer. The Kayi and Cavdar clans get ready for a battle. A few warriors assault Ertugrul Bey and set a snare. Ertugrul Bey gets harmed and the Alps kick the bucket individually.

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