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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6, Osman Bey attempts to converse with Monke and believes that Yavlak Arslan is behind all some unacceptable deed.Other side Nikola says Osman should hand over Goktug else he will slaughter all Turks individually and cuts Gunduz. Nikola appropriates the gold of Gunduz between the Christians. Yavlak Arslan goes to Nikola and compromises him. Nikola presents a blessing to Yavlak to make better connections between them.

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In any case, Osman Bey says that he needs to go in spite of his dad’s organization and starts searching for Monke. Bamsi brutally cautions Osman Bey indeed, however Osman Bey says he should spare his sibling Savci. Yavlak Arslan and Monke are glad that their arrangement is fruitful, and they make slippery arrangements about what’s to come. While Boran and Goktug are hanging tight for Osman Bey in the woodland, Kumral Abdal shows up. Kumral Abdal converses with them and quiets the Alps. Afterward, Kumral Abdal gives the Alps a guide and requests that they offer it to Osman Bey. After a brief time, Osman Bey comes and realizes what Abdurrahman Ghazi did. Osman Bey takes a gander at the guide given by Kumral and acknowledges where Savci Bey is.

Bamsi shows up when Flatysos’ officers are going to catch Osman. Osman Bey and Bamsi gallantly battle the Byzantine troopers. Abdurrahman Ghazi reveals to Ertugrul Bey that he has carried out his responsibility effectively. While Ertugrul Bey says that Savci will be fruitful against Geyhatu, Abdurrahman Ghazi says that Osman Bey can follow his sibling. Byzantine officers pass on, and Flatyos get away. Osman Bey asks Bamsi where he has been up to this point. Bamsi Bey says he will advise everything when they go to the plain and cautions Osman Bey not to contradict Ertugrul Bey’s structure.

Monke torments Savci however he doesn’t talk. Hazal Hatun starts to spread wrong gossipy tidbits identified with Bala and Osman. Flatyos says to Nikola that Osman was spared by a bear. Osman Bey with his Alps spares Savci Bey and furthermore got Monke alive. Gunduz Bey goes to gather charges. At the point when Gunduz Bey takes a rest, Nikola abruptly assaults him.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6 but irst you see review of previous episode. Yavlak Arslan goes to Nikola’s mansion and instructs him not to hurt the Turks.Nikola brings the gold from Gunduz to the ch√Ęteau and disseminates them to the individuals. Nikola says he recognizes what Yavlak was doing and that they ought to dispose of Osman Bey. Geyhatu says he had a terrible dream and rebuffs his fighters for neglecting to secure him in his fantasy. Osman Bey and Savci Bey attempt to get Monke to talk, however around then Kumral Abdal comes.

Nikola contradicts him and says that Osman will be the pioneer later on. Nikola gives a chicken to Yavlak Arslan as a gift.Nikola says that Osman might be considerably more risky after Ertugrul Bey passes on, yet Arslan says Dundar will assume control over the seat. Lena and Bala attempt to recuperate Gunduz’s injuries. Ertugrul Bey deals with his child’s injuries and swears retribution.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6 but first you see review of previous episode. Afterward, Yavlak visits Ertugrul Bey and says he needs to support him. Since Kumral Abdal had just enlightened Osman regarding this snare, Osman Bey made an alternate arrangement. While Ertugrul Bey is conversing with Yavlak, he becomes ill and swoons. On their way back to the plain, Osman Bey and Savci Bey notice the snare out and about and covertly assault the individuals who set them up.

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Geyhatu gets some information about his child Monke.The battle going to begin among Turks and Mongols. Geyhatu goes to Dundar and talks. Dundar Bey says Osman doesn’t do anything and realities will uncover soon. Geyhatu says he has given three days to Savci to discover my child yet he falls flat. Geyhatu gets some information about his child from Osman.Turks are cheerful about the appearance of Osman Bey. Osman says Monke doesn’t merit as a child of Geyhatu.
Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6
Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6
Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6 How To Watch

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