Kurulus Osman Episode 7 Trailer In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Episode 7

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 trailer you can watch here but first you can read review episode 6, Geyhatu asks where his child is and upon that Savci Bey carries Mongke to the plain with his options limited. Geyhatu goes to his child and asks Osman Bey for what valid reason he dealt with his child like that. Osman says that Mongke double-crossed Geyhatu. Nikola readies the Byzantine armed force and holds up with them to assault Kulucahisar Stronghold. Flatyos and a couple of Byzantine government operatives dress as traders and enter the palace.

Nikola enters the stronghold utilizing the mystery burrows he gained from Helen. The watchmen in the palace can’t battle against the Byzantine warriors since they were recently harmed.

Osman and Savci advise the real factors to Geyhatu. Mongke denies everything except for Geyhatu says that he will tune in to Osman, and they all enter Ertugrul Bey’s tent. Nikola and Flatyos begin assaulting the Turks. Abdurrahman Ghazi implores Allah for the recuperation of Ertugrul.

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 Trailer

Osman and the Savci state that all that Mongke did is a snare to bring Geyhatu to Sogut. Dundar Bey says that Mongke isn’t the only one to make this arrangement and afterward Geyhatu asks Yavlak Arslan inquiries. Yavlak says he doesn’t accuse Ertugrul Bey and his children. Nikola executes most Turkish fighters and catches the survivors. Geyhatu tunes in to the cases of the two sides and asks Bamsi what to do.

Bamsi says he doesn’t accept either side and requests proof to discover who is blameworthy. Geyhatu tunes in to Bamsi and requests proof to settle on an all the more choice. Osman discloses how Mongke intended to murder his dad and says that Cerkutay knew this. Nikola eliminates Kayi banners from the stronghold and gives a triumph discourse. Geyhatu needs to converse with Cerkutay, and Osman says that he will go to the plain soon.

Mongke approaches his dad for pardoning when the realities come out, however Geyhatu gets up and slits his child’s jugular. Geyhatu understands that Osman has uncovered reality by utilizing Cerkutay’s name. Osman says he needs to rebuff the individuals who set up this arrangement and Cerkutay.

Kurulus Osman Episode 7
Kurulus Osman Episode 7

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 Trailer

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 trailer you can watch here but first you can read review episode 6, Osman gets very angry, but Bamsi stops Osman when Dundar brings the Turk from the castle and news comes that the castle was captured by Nikola. Nikola thinks that Constantinople will be very happy with this win and starts to plan for the future.

Osman promptly advises them to reclaim Kulucahisar manor, and Bamsi upholds him. Savci can’t help contradicting what Osman says a lot there are detainees in the stronghold. Savci says he needs to hold a gathering the following day, however Osman restricts his sibling.

Osman goes to the Alps and discloses to them that they will reclaim the detainees in the palace with the gold they had recently seized. Osman says that regardless of what his sibling the Savci stated, they will assault the mansion the following morning and approaches the Alps to be prepared for this war.

Arslan says that Osman will do risky things, however Gunduz shields his sibling. Savci says that Osman needs to obey requests or he will get a weighty punishment. Selcan and Aygul rest some place in the timberland. Selcan is caring for Aygul’s infant and converses with Aygul about it.

Aygul says she doesn’t need her child and doesn’t deal with him. A couple of Byzantine troopers come and ask Selcan what she is doing in Byzantine grounds. Selcan says that these terrains have a place with Ertugrul, and soon Aygul assaults the fighters.

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 trailer you can watch here but first you can read review episode 6, Arslan visits Geyhatu and attempts to converse with him. Geyhatu doesn’t permit Arslan to talk and says that he needs to find out additional. Geyhatu says he needs to find out about Osman and Bamsi and gives Arslan the administration of all Beylics in the outskirt locale. Osman re-visitations of the plain with the detainees he saved.

Kayis are extremely upbeat about this circumstance. Savci orders Alps to capture Osman. Numerous individuals uphold Osman, yet Savci is resolved to capture Osman. Osman asks who will capture him, and Bamsi defies Savci.

Savci orders the Alps once more, yet the Alps don’t hear him out. Bamsi mentions to everybody what Osman did, yet Savci indeed says that he will capture him. Gunduz can’t take any more and stops everybody. Gunduz tells he is more seasoned than Savci and Osman and attempts to quiet them down. Savci restricts Gunduz, yet then, Lena rushes out of the tent. Lena says Ertugrul Bey is kicking the bucket.

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