Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8 With Urdu And English Subtitle Free Of Cost

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8
Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8 with urdu subtitle and english subtitle you can watch here but first you you read review of previous episode. Dai sends a few of his men to discover the relics and Sanjar. Officer Andreas celebrates in the manor since he took the relics from the Turks and Sanjar kicked the bucket. Yorgos says that the chest ought not be in the ch√Ęteau for some time. Andreas discovers that Yorgos is infatuated with a Turk and cautions him marginally. King Melik Shah calls Terken and asks her how she got the data about Elcin.
Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8

Terken Hatun reveals to him that she realized Elcin was a double crosser and followed her. Melik Shah blows up with Terken for spying without his insight however Terken says she will do anything for Melik Shah. Basulu Hatun gains from the injured fighters who went to the plain that her child Sanjar has vanished or even passed on. While Korkut says that Basulu ought not know anything, Basulu comes and gets some information about her child. Basulu says that she gave his child to the state, however the state lost Sanjar and quickly set out.

Nizam analyzes the bolt that lit the fire in Khayyam’s home and understands that there is a considerable adversary. Terken Hatun orders the trader who helped Elcin to pass on so her covert agent work won’t come out. The news that Sanjar and the relics have been lost comes to Melik Shah. King Melik Shah promptly makes a move and sets out with his fighters.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8
Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8

As Nizam is going to set out with Melik Shah, he gets a message from Khayyam. Nizam goes to a mystery room in the royal residence and sees Basulu there. Basulu asks Nizam where her child is. Khayyam and Nizam attempt to quiet Basulu. Basulu says she needs to look for her child, yet Nizam discloses to her that Melik Shah is additionally searching for Sanjar.

Basulu says that if Sanjar isn’t discovered, all that will be uncovered. Yorgos slices off his arm marginally to see Turna and approaches her for help. Hassan Sabbah stops Behram and discloses to him that Ilteber will look through the houses. Hassan says that Dai is answerable for what occurred and reveals to Behram what he needs to do. Yorgos approaches Turna for help, however she doesn’t support him.

Yorgos attempts to stop Turna forcibly, yet the troopers in the city don’t permit him. Behram discloses to Dai’s men that Melik Shah is coming and they set up a snare for it. Ilteber says he will do the pursuit on King’s requests, however some Fatimids don’t permit him and set up blockades in the road. Initial, a little war begins in the city and this war before long transforms into a mob.

Hamadani keeps on talking and gives Sanjar the coat of his granddad Snow capped mountain Arslan. Hamadani asks Sanjar whether he needs to work in Allah’s manner, and first gives Snow capped mountain Arslan’s jacket and afterward his blade. Hamadani takes some water from the waterway and gives this water to the Sanjar. Sanjar drinks this water and makes a guarantee to work for Islam. King Melik Shah goes to the cavern and sees Sanjar.

Hamadani tells that Sanjar is alive yet needs better treatment. At the point when Melik Shah contacts Sanjar’s chest, Sanjar says “father” in his rest. Melik Shah feels that Sanjar misses his dad, whom he lost years prior. Melik Shah orders Sanjar to be taken to the close by Kinik plain and sets off with him. Turna gains from her dad that Sanjar has vanished and is stressed over him. Dai’s men and Behram see that Sanjar is found. Behram says he will render his retribution, and they assault the Seljuk warriors.

Behram opens the cover on the carriage and understands that this is a snare. Melik Shah and other Seljuk warriors follow and assault the Fatimids. As Melik Shah is going to go to Kinik, news comes that there is a revolt. Melik Shah re-visitations of smother the disobedience and sends his child Tapar to the Kinik plain with Sanjar.

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